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Hello! My name is Michael Wilber. I am a Ph.D. student studying at the Cornell Tech SE(3) Vision Group under Dr. Serge Belongie. I previously worked as a research assistant in the Vision and Security Technology lab and as a software engineer at Securics, Inc., both under Terrance E. Boult. I recently spent a semester at lovely UCSD before following my advisor to Cornell and eventually Cornell Tech.

Most of my work applies to computer vision and privacy-enhanced biometrics. My low threshold for boredom draws me to many subjects, including computer graphics, distributed computing, functional programming language design, music, arts, and alternative user interfaces. In my wild youth, I also dabbled in hobbyist stenography.

People tell me that I look like a certain computer vision researcher.

My hobbies include recreational programming, arguing with friends about text editors, studying dead languages, and playing musical instruments with mixed success.

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Papers and Current Work

I was a student in the Summer 2011 NSF REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) program at UCCS. I am a co-inventor (along with Terrance E. Boult) of a US Provisional Patent, titled "A System and Method For Privacy Security Enhanced Vaulted Verification".